Your 360 Leadership Assessment for Family Business Leaders

For advisors and family business leaders who want to ensure that the family enterprise is on the strongest path to success and continuity in the next generation.

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The Assess Next Gen 360 Assessment Process

The Assess Next Gen Consultative 360 Family Business Assessment process is custom-designed by expert family business consultants with 70+ years of practical expertise and data-driven research to help your family business enterprise identify the strongest likely path to success in your succession strategy.

The assessment relies on anonymous feedback gathered directly from manager, peers, mentors, consultants, and direct reports in your organization to paint a complete and accurate picture of strengths, weaknesses and areas of potential improvement for potential successors. 

The Assess Next Gen Consultative 360 Assessment provides family business owners and the consultants they work with a toolset to gather intelligence on the core competencies of their team, as well as a framework (including guidance and worksheets for instructions) to develop and improve on those competencies with 1:1 coaching.

This consultative Family Business 360 assessment process is customized for two unique target audiences:  
1.  Family business leader version
2.  Non-family business leader version  

Expert Support

Our consultant partners have demonstrated expertise as wealth advisors, estate and business attorneys, business psychologists, and family business Officers. They are available to assist you as you implement and assist your clients using the Assess Next Gen Consultative Family Business 360 Assessment and Assessment tools.

Our Process

Our approach is based on the scientifically validated Assess Next Gen Consultative 360 Assessment, which provides vetted insights to guide succession planning with greater confidence and accuracy. Find the strategy that is unique to your business through qualitative interviews, quantitative assessments, and invaluable feedback.

At Assess Next Gen, we collaborate closely with you to define every step of your journey to success, providing expert guidance at every turn.

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1. Foundation


Our foundation process helps clients establish a culture of performance feedback, assess leadership strengths, prepare for continuity/succession, and optimize business performance through a validated leadership development process.

2. People


These will the people who are endorsing and paying for this process. They can be internal, like a board member, or external, like an investor.


Just like it sounds, your raters will be rating the leaders of your business. We’ll guide you through creating a list of 18+ people who will send us the feedback we need to help you help your business be successful.



Your advisors will have a key role in managing the process and data. Their work should maintain confidentiality. Advisors should conduct a series of meetings to collect data from each leader and rater. These meetings should be used to collect qualitative data into themes and categories. This will help get detailed feedback from each rater on what the leader should start, stop, and continue.

3. Plan


Our quantitative outcomes include a 35+ page report that identifies each leader’s strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and hidden talents. This report also features an 11-page guide to help leaders understand the feedback and a behavioral change process with resource identification to guide their next steps. Additionally, leaders will have a confidential feedback session with their advisor, which can be a highly impactful career experience.


To ensure an efficient process, we recommend that the consultant and leader agree to a calendar and share it with their selected champions. The report data can typically be collected in 2-3 weeks, with reminders sent to raters every 3 days until feedback is complete.



For the delivery of the assessment, we strongly recommend that written feedback be the private property of the leader it is written about. Use the data given to you in the 35+ page report to identify which system has the most gaps – family, business, learning, owner, or individual. Then, use the resources you received to develop those behaviors for your leader.

What’s Included?

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Qualitative interviews: 

Detailed one-to-one direct or virtual 30-minute confidential interviews with up to 15 key stakeholders. That data will be collated into themes and categories in a written report with recommendations.

Quantitative assessments:

Confidential feedback from 15+ people will be collected from seven important rater groups: the 1) Owners, 2) Board, 3) Managers, 4) Peers, 5) Direct Report, and 6) Family/ Friends and 7) Self.

Confidential feedback session:

A confidential one-on-one feedback session will be conducted with each of the leader participants. A written report with key areas of focus will be identified for each individual and specific leadership development plans will be created.

Secure Business Succession with Assess Next Gen

Are your family members prepared to take over your business?

Which skills are most important for their success?

Our Assess Next Gen Consultative 360 Family Business Assessment addresses all your concerns and more, providing tangible data to make informed decisions about the future of your business.

We evaluate family members’ skills and potential, identify areas for improvement, and provide targeted development strategies.

You’ll be better positioned to pass down your business with confidence, knowing that you have taken the right steps to prepare the next generation of leaders.

A Message from the Assess Next Gen Creators


Due to the type of assessment we conduct, we keep our clients’ identities confidential.

Family Business is more complex than any other type of business, and the largest part of our economy. Our clients needed this model to describe their complex relationships. The report identified gaps and opportunities in those 5 complex systems: the family, business, owners, learning, and individual.

A Veteran Family Business Advisor

A.J. - VP of Company

Virtually all of our Family Business Center members need this assessment tool. We recommend it for any college or university that needs to add value and generate revenue. It’s easy to use and incredibly useful.

Family Business Center

E.S. - Director

Absolutely the best 360 assessment for Family Business leaders that I’ve ever used.

A Multi-Family Officer

S.T. - VP of Company

The process was easy for our consultants. They collected raters with the leader who received feedback. The rater groups are unique to family businesses: the owners, board, managers, peers, direct reports, and family members. Then the consultants and leaders reviewed that feedback. Our consultants say this assessment provided critical feedback data and accelerated their continuity planning work.

Partner, a large wealth consultancy

J.G. - VP of Company

Revolutionize the Way You Pass On Your Family Business with Our Assessment


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